Learning through play is a key feature of our museums. We invite you to explore our play and learn activites online - and hopefully in person!

Discovery Point

Fishing in Antarctica

Fish through the ice hole and discover what lives in the icy depths of Antarctica. 

Discovery Point

Load Up game

Using the crane, move the cargo onto the ship. Be sure to load evenly to avoid tipping the ship, good team work is required for this! 

Discovery Point

Men of Discovery interactive

Touch screen interactive about the expedition journey, its crew and their clothing. Includes fun dressing up and sledging games.

Discovery Point

Treasure Hunt and Quiz sheets

Tick box Treasure Hunt and Q&A Quiz Sheets to allow younger visitors to explore and engage with the exhibitions.

Exhibition Trail Sheet 1
Exhibition Trail Sheet 2 
Treasure Hunt 1
Treasure Hunt 2

Discovery Point

Whale Interactive

Learn about filterers and biters and discover what a whale can see.

Discovery Point

A trip to Discovery Point is an adventure in its own right as audiovisual shows, computer-based multimedia and displays of the actual artefacts of the crew transport you to Antarctica.

Climb aboard Captain Scott's ship RRS Discovery where you will follow in the footsteps of him and his crew, see how they lived, what they ate and witness their hardships and their triumphs. It's a fascinating tale of one of the most heroic voyages of exploration ever undertaken.

- All weather award-winning 5-star attraction 
- Hands on interactives 
- Computer-based multimedia and displays 
- Audio visual show 
- Gift Shop 
- Cafe 

The RRS Discovery is part of the UK’s National Historic Fleet. The Recognised polar collections primarily relate to the history of the ship and the men who served on her. They vary from navigational instruments to scientific specimens collected on the ship's expeditions to personal objects which vividly represent daily life for polar explorers of the period.