Art Of Work | Exhibition By Pam Kelly

art of work

This eclectic exhibition consists of artworks in a range of mediums, formats and styles, all on the theme of people at work and the working relationships between workers and employers.

The exhibition includes pieces reflecting aspects of work , including textiles, prints and a wearable art piece based on the jute workers. More contemporary examples of people at work can be seen through paintings of engineers working in the Xplore bus garage, where the artist worked part-time during her artistic studies. The final pieces include a reflection by the artist on some personal experiences of work, both previously and at present.  

Pam is a Human Resources Advisor by profession, but took a career break to study Contemporary Art Practice at Dundee & Angus College. Her artistic talent, combined with her interest in people and working environments, has resulted in a number of  artworks which are exciting and thought provoking in equal measure.