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Learning through play is a key feature of our museums. We invite you to explore our play and learn activites online - and hopefully in person!

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Verdant Works

Bale mark interactive

Interactive that allows visitors to take brass rubbings of bale marks that would have once featured on jute bales. Follow the trail and collect them all!

Verdant Works

Dress up station

Dress up as a mill worker or owner - who would you rather be? 

Verdant Works

Harvest to Home game

Touch screen interactive game. Discover the journey of Jute! 

Verdant Works

Mill Mouse Trail

Hunt for Mill Mouse while you learn and explore with the help of songs and activities.  

Verdant Works

Smell interactive

Discover the variety of products that were once transported around the world in jute packaging by their smells.

Verdant Works

At Verdant Works the rattle and the roar of the orgininal restored machinery transport you back over 100 years to an era when jute was king and Dundee its realm.

The jute textile collections at Verdant Works are Recognised Collections of National Significance. As well as the large working machinery that illustrates the processing of jute; smaller objects and archives reveal topics such as the industry’s Indian connections, research and development, textile products, textile engineering and the lives of the workers.