Learning through play is a key feature of our museums. We invite you to explore our play and learn activites online - and hopefully in person!

New Lanark World Heritage Site

Clearburn Natural Play & Picnic Area Nature Trail

Located on the very same spot where Robert Owen's schoolchildren learned about nature, Clearburn is a haven for natural play, with living willow sculptures, a bug hotel and a bog garden. You can solve the clues to find the nature posts and complete the Clearburn Nature Trail.

New Lanark World Heritage Site
Robert Owen's School for Children

Historic Classroom

Discover how children would have learned at New Lanark. Dress up in an 1820s uniform, write on a slate, play with old-fashioned toys and explore a giant globe.

New Lanark Trust holds a diverse collection of artefacts, archival material and photographs relating to the history of New Lanark and the people who lived and worked here. These include textile machinery, personal artefacts, business documents and architectural drawings.