Learning through play is a key feature of our museums. We invite you to explore our play and learn activites online - and hopefully in person!

Museum of Scottish Railways

Be a locomotive driver!

Find out about the levers and controls used to drive a steam locomotive.

Museum of Scottish Railways
Visitor route to the museum

Brass rubbing trail

Use crayons to make your own brass rubbings while discovering more about our site.

Museum of Scottish Railways
Museum building 1

Change the signals and points

Work out how to change the signals in order to safely move the railway points.

Museum of Scottish Railways
Museum Building 2

Sort the Mail

Sort the post in the mail coach.  Every one that ends up in the wrong box will take an extra day to arrive.

Museum of Scottish Railways

Visit the locomotive footplate

Visit the footplate of our working steam engine and find out how the coal makes steam.

Museum of Scottish Railways

The core collection at the Scottish Railways Preservation Society consisting of locomotives and rolling stock items, with a supporting cast of small objects and archives at Bo’ness is Recognised as being of National Scottish Significance.