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Check in at our museums, play games, earn rewards and learn about our industrial past along the way. Suitable for enquiring minds of all ages. Learn more.

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Learning through play is a key feature of our museums. We invite you to explore our play and learn activites online - and hopefully in person!

To keep you entertained in between your visits we have launched the Go Industrial ap. Learn more.

Almond Valley Heritage Trust

Build a firebrick archway

Build a firebrick archway! Learn about the science behind how to build an archway.

Almond Valley Heritage Trust

Gavieside schoolroom

Come long and try your hand at writing on a slate and doing arithmetic! Have fun in the Gavieside schoolroom!

Almond Valley Heritage Trust

Join the class

Join the class at Gavieside primary school! Get your picture taken and post it on social twitter @shalemuseum @goindustscot

Almond Valley Heritage Trust

Style the pony's tail

Have a go at styling a pit pony’s tail! Get the pony looking lovely for the agricultural show.

Almond Valley Heritage Trust

To viscosity and beyond!

To viscosity and beyond! Pump air through different types of oil to see which one is thickest.

Almond Valley Heritage Trust

Almond Valley's Recognised collection celebrates Scotland's pioneering shale oil industry, and includes objects illustrating mining, retorting and refining processes, the products of the industry, and how they were marketed. The museum archive holds the surviving official records of the shale oil companies.