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Verdant Works
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Rockwell Works - weaving shed with workers

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Workers from the weaving department at Rockwell Works dated around 1920. Here pictured are the female weavers, the male foreman at the back of the photograph and in the centre the male ‘tenter’ who would set up and tend to the looms.

Built in 1866, the mill at this time was owned by the Boase Spinning Company. It was later used by Okhai for manufacturing packaging such as crisp packets before the site was demolished in 1988.     

Photograph, black and white, from a collection of photographs entitled 'Rockwell Works about 1920'. This particular photograph depicts weaving shed with workers.'Rockwell Works, the Boase Spinning Company Ltd' printed on the reverse. Also written on reverse 'To be returned to Messrs. Leadbetter Brothers and Company. 62, Locarno House'.

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DUNIH 2007.54.8