The Devil's Porridge Museum
January 1947
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Letter in German to Robert Aitchison

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Robert Aitchison Collection

A letter from 'Anita' to Robert Aitchison in German. He most likely learnt some basic German in the POW camp and thus could understand this letter and reply in kind. 


Altdorf 2. 1947

Dear Robert !!!

Wanted to write you a few lines today. You’re maybe thinking that we’ve already forgotten each other – no, a few weeks ago we got some post from Georg. How are you? So far, I’m doing pretty well in my new homeland, the only thingis that the wrong people are here. I’m not lacking in health either. Are you at home or also away from home?

Georg wrote to you that he is working in London.

My mum can’t accustom herself to the new surroundings, she’s currently in the S.S.R for the second time. Now she can work for 3 months which obviously makes her happy.

I am home and run the household and Margit does tailoring.

Dear Robert is there no chance for you to come visit us soon? In August, Georg will try to visit us. Yes, that last time you were with us was lovely but too short, then again if we’d been together longer, it would still already be over by now.That is how fate works.

In two months Margit might travel to Austria. Anyway, I now come to the end.

Feel yourself properly greeted from your friend


Write soon, I await post from you.

Greetings to your siblings and parents.



Many greetings from Margit, Mum, uncle and family.